A picture is worth a thousand words they say … We asked Dolphins bowler Ayavuya Myoli to send us a few snaps that describe him best. And here they are:

Knight rider

  1. Knight Rider: Me with my car at a garage in Bisho, where I’m from. I got the car last year.


  1. Going places: With the help of SACA, I did my learners in Kimberley three years ago. They paid for my learners and the driving school. The union helped me with the actual tests and I passed first time!

Boot camp

  1. Boot Camp: When I go home to Bisho, I help some friends out with a Boot Camp that they set up. The whole thing is basically a Herbalife sales pitch but it doesn’t hurt to do the exercises: lunges, squats, and ladies pushups. That sort of thing. Anyway, I help out where I can.


  1. Moving up: I started at studying Sports Science in 2010 at Fort Hare. I have three modules to go before I complete the degree. I’m planning to complete it using the Player Plus program, but I might be based in Jo’burg next year, so I may have to finish it through Unisa.

Miller high five

  1. High Five: Here’s David Miller high fiving me after wicket in the RamSlam, where we ended up in the final. Every time I got a wicket, the first person to come celebrate with me was David. He is a very chilled guy. I’ve learned a lot from him, not just on the field but off it as well.

grass roots

  1. Blue steel: Just a bit of modeling stuff I was doing on the side, haha. Some friends of mine that I grew up with in Bisho are serial entrepreneurs. They sell painting, music and clothes. The clothing thing has actually taken off quite nicely and is doing well for them. They asked me to model some of their clothes and hats. How could I say no?


  1. Grassroots development: This was during Nelson Mandela Day. For our 68 minutes of goodwill, kids from various locations outside Durban came to Kingsmead. We did some fun stuff and a few training exercises. We enjoyed it as much as they did!

2016-04-24 15.07.17

  1. Limbering up: Fitness trainers tell us what to do in terms of conditioning, and we listen. Preparing for a game, if your warm up is good, you will play better. The warm up can affect your entire game, but more importantly prevent injuries. I take warm ups very seriously in my routine.

Green jackets

  1. Each one teach one: In Durban I stayed at Glenwood as a house master while also coaching the U15A team. The perks were great – like not having to cook! Also, the boy’s commitment is inspirational. They look up to you so you have to meet their expectations.


  1. At the gym: I had a contract last season, and then I lost it. But through SACA, I was able to keep my Virgin Active membership, and that helped me a lot. Now have a contract with the Lions, so I will be able to pay my own way again, but the gym membership helped me keep in shape throughout.


  1. Learning from the masters of spin: In 2012, I went to India with SA’s spinners bowling camp. It was three weeks long, during which I learnt a lot. It’s good to bowl in different conditions. They also taught us different methods – there is a difference in the coaching techniques and the thinking about the game.
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