Dual Career

 Education and Training

Players have the opportunity to pursue a dual career path through the process of a developing a personalised career plan involving some form of education and/or training, while still contracted,  as to assist and prepare players for life after cricket.

Expert guidance and advice is provided by the regional SACA Personal Development Manager (SACA PDM). Where necessary, a career specialist is available to perform in-depth career assessment for players. following an agreement on the players’ dual career plan, the player, with the support of his/her PDM, is able to apply for a SACA Bursary.

The SACA PDM will offer study support throughout the bursary period and, where applicable, tutor support will be provided for certain subjects.

CSA certificates

Cricket related courses can be done by players to enhance their current cricket career and/or to provide for career opportunities in cricket once retired. The SACA PDM will assist an eligible player in signing up for any of the following CSA courses:

o Coaching Level I, Level II or Level III
o Umpiring
o Grounds-keeping

Work experience

Work experience is available for players to gain first-hand on-the-job experience in an industry prior to making a decision regarding a dual career. Players are able to gain experience working in their selected field, having embarked on a dual career path plan. In this case, the SACA in conjunction with the players regional PDM will endeavour to find players suitable placement in the job market.



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