Important Player Notice

It is important to remind all SACA members and agents, of the rules and regulations set by the International Cricket Council (ICC) regarding player clothing and equipment. Of late, there have been several cases of players and manufactures exploiting the rules set by the ICC.

Logos appearing on a players clothing and equipment are solely and entirely the responsibility of the player. The list below can be used as a guideline to ensure that all SACA members comply with the ICC code of conduct:

  1. Only the Logos of one manufacture can be displayed on the players bat
  2. Duck-tape and/or plasters are not to be used to cover or hide branding on the bat
  3. No unauthorised commercial logos may appear on a players bat.

As of 1 February 2012, the ICC officials will be enforcing a zero tolerance to players who do not comply with the code of conduct of the ICC.

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