Personal Wellness

 Mental Wellness

Maintaining healthy mental wellness can be difficult, which may affect accurate decision-making in certain situations. Players often find it hard to ask for help because this has been traditionally seen as a sign of weakness. Maintaining healthy mental wellness is important not just for the well-being of the person ‘behind’ the player, but also for the actual (sports) performance of the player.

Player Plus offers Mental Wellness individual support programmes and group workshops where applicable, to educate and assist players in dealing with these pressures.

Players can engage with the material through individual sessions with the SACA PDM or during a group workshop. A referral to a relevant counsellor can be made if thought appropriate by either the player or the PDM


A national network of qualified, experienced professionals assists players with a variety of confidential counselling services. Players may approach a counsellor directly or through interaction with his/her or her regional SACA PDM, family, or team management. The matter is discussed between the player and the SACA PDM after which the player may be referred to a relevant professional. All counselling content is strictly confidential between the player and the counsellor.

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness is an important component of a player’s Personal Development Plan (PDP). The objective is that every player should have a sound financial plan in place to ensure current and future financial wellness.

Players are provided with access to training and education relating to financial literacy in order to make informed personal financial decisions. In addition, players also have access to expert advice through SACA Player Plus’ accredited financial & tax advisors.

A summary of the SACA Player Plus Financial Wellness services:

  • Financial Literacy Life Skill: basics of good financial management
  • Access to a programme accredited financial planner through Momentum
  • Access to a programme accredited tax consultant through BOSS
  • Debt Counselling through programme partner Octogen

A player can approach his/her SACA PDM individually or players as a team to implement any of the services on offer. SACA Player Plus has negotiated reduced fees on behalf of players with financial wellness partners Momentum and BOSS.


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