The South African Cricketers’ Association (SACA) responded to the announcement by Cricket South Africa (CSA) that it is postponing the T20 Global League (T20 GL).

SACA today expressed its concern and disappointment at the announcement by CSA of the postponement of the T20 GL, which had been scheduled to start on 3rd November 2017.

The T20 GL involves 144 players who are either contracted or drafted to play for eight privately owned city-based teams operating from eight different stadia across South Africa.

“Confirmation of postponement of the League was communicated to me in a teleconference of CSA’s Board and Members Council earlier today” said Tony Irish, chief executive of SACA. “At this stage we’re unsure of exactly what a postponement means other than the fact that it’s clear the league will not take place this year. We will be seeking clarity from CSA on the further implications.”

“This has a very significant impact on a large number of local and overseas players, all of whom have signed contracts to play in the league. Some players turned down other opportunities in order to commit themselves to these contracts. We will be looking at all implications of this for players, including what compensation should be paid to them.”

“SACA is well aware of the fact that this will also affect various other groups including franchises, coaches and stadium owners. I think it will be necessary for CSA to appoint its own independent review into what has actually transpired here as there are significant implications across South African cricket.”

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