Updated ICC Clothing Regulations

Members are referred to clauses B8, B10 and B11 of the ICC Clothing and Equipment Regulations.

In order for a company to be able to display its logos on clothing and/or equipment used in international cricket it must first receive ICC approval. The approval process has been in place since the mid 90’s and has applied to all companies wishing to display its logo as a manufacturer’s logo on clothing and/or equipment appearing in international cricket. No Logos are permitted until they are approved by the ICC as they need to ensure that every logo appearing on the field in international cricket is that of a legitimate manufacturer.

Click here to view the current list of approved manufacturers.

Any company whose name does not appear on the list is not permitted to display its logos as a manufacturer’s logo on any items of clothing and/or equipment in international cricket until such time as approval has been granted. Please note the following:

  • Equipment and clothing – these companies are permitted to provide branded clothing and equipment. 
  • Equipment only – these companies are permitted to provide only branded equipment.
  • Clothing only – these companies are permitted to provide only branded clothing.

Any manufacturer whose name dose not appear on the above mentioned list and who is interested in providing branded international team kit for Members should contact ICC’s cricket Operations Manager List of Approved Manufacturers June 2014 directly.

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