Pite van Biljon has been appointed as captain of the VKB Knights for the 2018/2019 season, across all formats.

“it gives us great pleasure to announce Pite van Biljon as the new captain of the VKB Knights”, commented Chief Executive of the VKB Knights, Johan van Heerden. Mr van Heerden believes Pite’s leadership skills and personality will bring positive change to the central region. “Pite has a fantastic track record. He has made great contributions in all the teams he has captained to win trophies”, said Mr van Heerden. “VKB Knights had an indifferent 2017/2018 season and the Board feels, with this appointment, the Knights will get back on track”, added Johan.

Chairperson of the Central Cricket Franchise, Ms Zola Thamae also expressed her excitement for this appointment. “We are excited that one of the players coming from our structures has been given an opportunity to lead. The players were given an opportunity to choose whom they want as captain so this was not a top-down decision. This goes to show how much support he has from both board members and the team”, commented Ms Thamae.

Pite played cricket in the central region growing up and Mr Johan van Heerden believes this will have a major impact in helping build the team. “As a local player, he understands values, culture and the fighting spirit of the central region. He has wonderful attributes to drive the values of the team. We are confident he will restore pride back in the team”, concluded Mr van Heerden.

“I am very excited and humbled by the opportunity to captain such a great team. I’m also very grateful to be part of Knights and the history that comes with this great region”, commented the newly appointed captain of the VKB Knights. “As captain, my goals are simple. I want to help create an unbreakable team spirit. I want to get the most out of every individual. I want us to play a brand of cricket that people from our region can and will be proud of and, lastly, I want us to give back to the community”, concluded Pite van Biljon.

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