KaeloXelusis SACA’s gap and co-payment insurance cover for its members who are on  Momentum Health. SACA funds the full monthly KaeloXelus premium for all its members and their dependants.

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Gap and co-payment cover is simply a short term insurance policy designed to complement your medical aid cover. KaeloXelusis will fill the gap that exists between what your medical scheme has paid and what the doctor/service providers actually charge for in-hospital and selected out of hospital surgical and consultation fees. In most cases, this is up to 500% of medical aid rates. Co-payments is charged for procedures performed, as an in-patient or as an out-patient. This includes MRI, CT and Ultrasound scans.

All major shortfalls with regards to in-hospital admissions and co-payments would normally be for your own expense. Professional cricketers tend to make use of the best medical service providers who in turn charge well above medical aid rates. KaeloXelusis covers these additional costs

Players have to settle the medical account first and then claim the money back from KaeloXelusis by following the steps below:

Download a copy of the KaeloXelusisClaim Form

Complete form and send to Lindsay Nicolaai at SACA along with a copy of your medical aid statement and receipts to lindsay@saca.org.za

Players will have 4 months from the date of the medical procedure to submit the claim

If all claim related documentation has been correctly submitted, a claim should pay out within three (3) weeks of submission. KaeloXelusis claims are paid into a player’s nominated account and never to the service provider


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