About SACA Player Plus

The SACA Player Plus programme was established in 2008 to provide SACA members with comprehensive personal development, education and support programme. The programme allows players to educate and develop themselves while playing cricket and to prepare for life after cricket, thus preparing them for life after cricket.

Players are assisted in putting together a custom Personal Development Plan (PDP) to be implemented under the guidance and support of their regional SACA Personal Development Manager (SACA PDM) and various other accredited programme partners.

SACA provides funding for the implementation of the individual player PDP by:

  • Providing a qualified SACA PDM for each player
  • Assisting players in developing a career plan
  • Awarding SACA bursaries
  • Developing, and facilitating personal development module workshops and online content
  • Developing and facilitating CrickED workshops and online content (anti-doping, anti-corruption & code of conduct)
  • Developing strategic programme partnerships which allow players access to personal development related services at a reduced cost
  • Paying for counselling and specialist fees where required
  • Providing players access to quality domestic and international content on its Player Plus Online portal. The SACA Player Plus programme and the Sport Science Institute of SA (SSISA) have an established partnership that provides training for the SACA PDM’s and professional services relating to the development and refreshing of its Personal Development Modules. One of the key objectives of the programme is to be ‘evidence based’ in its service offering and delivery thereof. To that end, SACA conducts an annual research project through its University of Cape Town (UCT) partnership. In addition to this, SACA adapts and implements international best practices through its involvement in global personal development programme initiatives and networksPast players have full access to the Player Plus programme for up to 12 months after the loss of their contract, or retirement from the game.


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