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The ICC Anti-Doping Code and 2015 CSA Anti-Doping Code are applicable to international and domestic cricket respectively. The 2015 anti-doping codes include sanctions of up to 4 years for intentional use of prohibited substances. International Players included in the ICC’s Registered Testing Pool or National Player Pool must also comply with the ICC Whereabouts Requirements for Out-of-Competition Testing. Testing within South Africa is administered by the South Africa Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS). Both the ICC and the CSA Anti-Doping Code adopt the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Prohibited List.

All Participants in cricket (players, coaches, match officials, administrators) are subject to the ICC Anti-Corruption Code and CSA Anti-Corruption Code, which are applicable to international and domestic cricket respectively. Participants are under an obligation to be aware of what constitutes an offence under these Codes and must report to the relevant authority any approach or invitation to engage in conduct that would amount to a breach of an Anti-Corruption Code received by them or any behaviour that may be evidence of an offence.

In addition to the above Codes, Players are subject to various Codes of Conduct at international level and domestic level. At an international level, these Codes include the ICC Code of Conduct and ICC Anti-Racism Code. The ICC has also implemented regulations governing Disapproved Cricket. Player are only permitted to participate in Approved Cricket, and participation in Disapproved Cricket will result in the player being suspended from the game.

Players in South African domestic cricket are subject to the CSA Code of Conduct, and failure to comply with expected standards of behaviour in terms of this Code will result in disciplinary action being instituted. Players must be aware that their participation in domestic cricket events in countries outside of South Africa, will be subject to codes of conduct specific to those countries.

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Further ICC codes, rules and regulations are available for download from the ICC website

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