Dual Career

 Education and Training

Players have the opportunity to pursue a dual career path by following a personalised career plan involving some form of education and/or training, while still contracted.

Expert guidance and advice is provided by the regional SACA Personal Development Manager (SACA PDM) to ensure that the study and playing workload is manageable.

Where necessary, a career specialist is available to perform in-depth career assessment for players. following an agreement on the players’ dual career plan, the player, with the support of his/her PDM, is able to apply for a SACA Bursary.

The SACA PDM will offer study support throughout the bursary period.

CSA certificates

Cricket related courses can be done by players to enhance their current cricket career and/or to provide for career opportunities in cricket once retired. The SACA PDM will assist an eligible player in signing up for any of the following CSA courses:

o Coaching Level I, Level II or Level III
o Umpiring
o Grounds-keeping



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