FICA Women’s Global Employment Report 2020

  • FICA has released its Women’s Global Employment Report 2020. The report follows FICA’s 2018 Women’s Global Employment Report and men’s report released last August. It includes key findings and recommendations, based on:
  • The further evolution of a professionalization maturity curve and metrics focused on achieving gender equity in cricket
  • Country by country analysis
  • Employment landscape and game structure data
  • Global player survey data

The report includes a set of eight recommendations relating to:

Volume of Cricket – Ensuring ‘tagged’ funding is utilized to increase the volume of cricket across more countries

Structure Clarity – Developing and agreeing on clear global scheduling windows

Gender Equity Frameworks – Convening a dedicated global multi-stakeholder group to develop and publish step plans for achieving gender equity at global level and across countries, and to track progress against them

Centralised Funding – Ensuring clear and transparent ‘tagged’ funding streams at ICC level to assist to expedite professionalism and strengthen the foundations of the women’s game and gender equity ambitions

Representation – Developing clear targets for women’s representation on all relevant boards, committees and panels

Minimum Standards – Developing and agreeing on mandatory global minimum standards at ICC level across areas including health and safety, player welfare, contracts and contract enforcement, maternity and family caring provision, bullying and intimidation

Dialogue – Ensuring clear channels of ongoing and meaningful engagement and dialogue between governing bodies and players’ associations

Protecting People – Ensuring proactive protection of players’ fundamental rights at ICC level, including through removing systematic barriers to players’ associations, and committing to internationally recognized human rights frameworks

FICA Director, Lisa Sthalekar said:

“Women’s cricket has made significant gains which were on display at the recent T20 World Cup final. Players, administrators and national boards around the world need to continue to work together and invest heavily in building on this to capitalise on the hard work of those who have laid the platform, create a new normal, and to ensure the women’s game isn’t ever an afterthought. Let’s keep working together to ensure the women’s game uses the platform it has created to go to the next level.”

FICA Chief Executive, Tom Moffat said:

“These reports are an important part of FICA’s work tracking global developments against key metrics. Players are central to the future success of the game and it has been pleasing to see further recent progress. There is a long way to go to ensure the fundamentals are in place around the world though and we want to see targeted and specific action to ensure more playing opportunity, that gender equity principles are embedded in the game, and that player rights are respected at a global level and across countries.”

FICA produces its men’s and women’s global employment reports on a bi-annual basis. This report is retrospective covering the 2018/19 report period and FICA acknowledges more recent progress and developments in several countries including England and Wales.

A copy of the report can be accessed HERE.

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