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A cricketer’s tool of trade is their body. Therefore, it is essential for SACA members to have good and efficient health insurance. This is the reason that SACA’s preferred medical aid scheme has been Momentum Health since 2012.

The Momentum Health sponsorship gives players access to quality healthcare insurance and first-class service to back it up. In addition to the plan option benefits and services, players, through the Momentum Health sponsorship, have access to the following:

  • Free monthly Multiply membership for the entire family
  • Dedicated VIP service channels for SACA members
  • Subsidised premiums for four months for players who have lost their contracts
  • Monthly premium subsidy for Division 2 players



Having medical aid protects players from the high costs of medical healthcare in the event of unexpected and sudden medical emergencies. Furthermore, it gives you the option to make use of private health facilities. 

Momentum Health is an open scheme and anyone can join. All contracted cricketers who are SACA members are encouraged to join Momentum Health if they don’t already have healthcare. 

Momentum Health offers players comprehensive medical insurance backed up by industry-leading service. SACA’s sponsorship with Momentum Health provides players with Multiply Membership (Single-member R278pm, Family of two R352pm, and Family of three or more R386pm) and dedicated VIP service channels.


Players have a choice between three plan options: Custom, Incentive, and Extender. Players can further choose their in-hospital provider network and chronic provider network to manage their monthly premiums accordingly

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Momentum Health:
Anthea Sedgewick
087 351 2065

Medical claims can submitted to Momentum Health in one of three ways:

1. Claims sent from the doctor/service provider directly to Momentum Health and then paid directly to the doctor/service provider.

2. Claims submitted by the member to Momentum Health where the player has paid the doctor/service provider and is now claiming a refund. When submitting claims this way, ensure that the receipts or statements you receive from the doctor/service provider and submit to Momentum Health, have the “ICD-10” or “NAPPI” code relating to the procedure or medication you have purchased. Once you have these receipts or statements you may send them to or

3. Claims submitted by the member to Momentum Health on behalf of the doctor/service provider, where no payment has been made by the player. Momentum Health will pay the claim in full or in part (depending on your cover and the procedure) and where there is a shortfall, the balance will be for the player’s account.

4. Claims need to be submitted within 4 months of the treatment date.

Claims may be rejected for the following reasons:

1. The codes on the claim are not correct

The code provided on the claim/statement should correspond to the service received.

2. Claims sent too late

All claims must be sent to Momentum Health within four months of the treatment/event. The onus is on the member and not the service provider to make sure that claims are received and paid within this period. If Momentum Health receives the statement or claim outside of the four month period the claim may be rejected and will be for the player’s own account.

3. No pre-authorisation

Certain treatments and procedures require pre- authorisation from Momentum Health for the procedure to be covered, for example, when a player is having an operation in hospital. Typically these can be authorised either online on Momentum Health’s website or on Momentum Health’s mobi app

4. Duplicated claims

A claim will be rejected if the same claim was already submitted to and paid by the scheme. Players are able to check their claims history and status online or on their monthly statement which is sent after the 15th of each month.

Claims submitted incorrectly will not be paid. Players will receive a claims statement explaining the reason the claim has been rejected. The claim will then be returned and the player or healthcare service provider would need to provide the correct information and then re-submit the claim.

Players who have lost contracts or retired from the game can continue with their Momentum Health memberships in their personal capacity.

To support players during this transition, SACA covers 50% of the monthly Momentum Health and Stratum premium costs for the first four months after the loss of contract or retirement. 

This past player benefit does not apply to the Multiply premium.

Multiply is Momentum Health’s wellness and rewards programme paid for by SACA on behalf of players. The programme is aimed at encouraging members to live better, healthier, and happier lives. Members are able to earn rewards, discounts, and get cash backs for doing so. The more rewards earned, the more discounts and cashback members are able to receive. 

For more information regarding Multiply, their partners, and benefits, please visit,

By joining Momentum Health through SACA, players and their families (as dependants on the medical scheme) automatically become members of Multiply and SACA pays their monthly premium in full.

In order to engage with the programme click on and register as an online member and follow the prompts to earn points and make use of the discounts on offer click on and register as an online member and follow the prompts to earn points and make use of the discounts on offer.


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