Personal Development Modules

Personal Development Modules (also known as Life Skills) are provided in order to equip players with the necessary skills to effectively manage the demands of their cricket career and private lives.
SACA PDM’s are trained to facilitate group or individual sessions with players, depending on the specific player needs or topic requested. There are currently 25 Personal Development Modules to choose from.
These include:

There is a big difference between being assertive and being aggressive – do you know the difference? Or are you too passive? Feel like a doormat? Learn to be heard in an appropriate manner.

Do we communicate well – verbally and non-verbally? Do we listen when spoken to? Are we cutting ourselves off without realising it? We need to communicate with our team, competitors, officials, and media – learn how to do it effectively.

Module in basic computer literacy and related skills.

Conflict can provide healthy opportunities for learning and growth but we need to know how to deal with it. The dynamics of our groups/teams/officials will pose conflict situations – how you handle this can make or break your relationships and ultimately influence your performance.

Do you struggle to make decisions? Are they usually right or wrong? Do you block your own creativity?

In South Africa we have many cultural differences which we need to embrace and not ridicule through ignorance. We need to respect each other if we are to interact successfully. How do we do that? What are some of the differences? All over the world we compete with athletes that are culturally different – how do we turn that into a positive experience?

Facilitation of driving lessons (usually an 8 – 10 lesson programme) through an approved driving school

Key factors to success. Stages of setting up and establishing your business. Feasible and non-feasible ideas. Networking.

Should athletes be involved in serious relationships? The options and consequences. Coping with loss of a partner/parent/coach – breaking up, divorce, and death. How to build healthy relationships.

How to set effective, challenging yet attainable goals and the tools to enable you to achieve them.

What is appropriate or inappropriate behaviour? It might be fun for you but what about for others? Do you marginalize homosexuals or persons not like yourself? Should you accept your coach’s behaviour? Have you been verbally or physically abused? Do you unknowingly bully and abuse others? What can you do to be heard?

Are you a leader? Do you want to be one? Do you know how to be an effective leader or follower?

Do you know how to manage the media – radio, print, TV? Do you freeze up or say the wrong things?

As athletes we are often asked to speak at functions. Sometimes it gives us a much needed source of income.

How much is too much? Am I responsible for those around me? What are the effects of alcohol on sporting performance? In this module we take a practical approach to alcohol consumption. The aim is to educate – not to pass judgment.

Who are you? How do others see you? How can you improve your self-esteem?

What do they expect? What do you expect? Is the deal appropriate? How far does the loyalty to the brand go?

STD / HIV/AIDS awareness is essential but sex is seen as “bad” yet it is not meant to be. What about other issues like pleasurable sex in a healthy relationship? When do I know if it is abuse? What do I do about the abuse?

Internet, Youtube, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook? How do you set up? How to use social networking effectively. Do’s and don’ts.

Embarrassed at a buffet because you don’t know how to behave – do you fill your plate first time or return to the table often, do you stand for every toast that’s offered, can you refuse more food at a hostess’s house?

What are the controllables and non-controllables? Who is responsible for your success or failure? The buck stops here!

“A single arrow is easily broken but not ten in a bundle” – the success of your team usually depends on all the links in the chain working together. Together Everyone Achieves More.

Do you fit everything into your busy schedule? Do you know how to prioritise? What are your time “wasters”?

How to prepare – visas, medical requirements, customs. What to pack. How to travel without problems. What to expect from your hosts. Tips and hints to make the tour a success.

What are your values? Are you misdirected? Are you considered an “ethical” person? Are you a reluctant role-model? Should you feel the responsibility to be a good one?


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