Personal Wellness

 Mental Wellness

Maintaining a healthy state of mind is important, as it may affect various aspects of life. Players have access to education material and professional services in order to get the necessary help when required and to address the stigma attached to mental health.


A team of qualified, experienced professionals are available to assist players with paid-for, confidential counselling services. Players may approach a counsellor directly or through his/her regional SACA PDM.  

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness is a component that affects everyone. Being able to understand and execute a good financial plan is critical to the financial wellbeing of all players. As part of the Personal Development Plan (PDP), players are provided with sound, professional financial planning advice and are assisted in comprising a comprehensive plan to ensure their current and future financial wellness.

Players are provided with the following financial wellness services:

  • Education: Financial literacy and ‘family tax & responsibilities. These modules are delivered either in workshop format or are accessible on the Player Plus Online platform
  • Access to an accredited financial planner with our financial wellness partner, LifeCheq
  • ‘At Risk’ player support. Players who find themselves in a dire financial situation have access to paid-for consultation services with LifeCheq in order to formulate a recovery plan that would lead to financial stability
  • Tax consulting & services: SACA has negotiated preferred rates with service Provider BOSS to assist players with their tax affairs


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