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The SACA Player Plus Program is a tailored, personalised support service offered by SACA to professional and semi-professional cricketers in South Africa. The aim of the programme is to assist players with matters that relate to their personal and career development both on and off the field. A cricketer’s primary is to perform and excel in their cricket career, and it is often difficult to balance the demands of cricket with everyday life and planning for life after cricket.

SACA has partnered with the Sport Science Institute of South Africa in rolling out the programme to SACA’s members. Each cricket region has its own SACA Player Development Manager (SACA PDM) who is tasked with implementing the SACA Player Plus programme through regular player (and other stakeholder) interaction.


SACA Player Plus comprises of three pillars:


1. Cricket Career

The main focus under this pillar is the compulsory annual CrickED workshops that are held in each region. The purpose of CrickED is to inform players on what it means to be a professional cricketer (contract, NOC, commercial, SACA, social media, rules and regulations etc.) and to educate players on anti-doping and anti-corruption compliance and procedures


SACA also assists players in completing CSA accredited coaching and umpiring courses where the need is identified. Retaining players in cricket after their playing days is a strategic focus for Player Plus.


2. Career Transition and Education

Career transition and player education is arguably the most important pillar of the SACA Player Plus program. The emphasis is on assisting a player in planning for life after cricket and ensuring that the transition process from an active playing career Players will have access to individual assessments (managed by a qualified career specialist) to identify what assistance SACA can provide.. Assistance is provided in the form of a SACA bursary for tertiary education or vocational or skills training which could also include assistance with compiling a CV, interview techniques, job placement in the off-season and UIF application advice.


3. Player Lifestyle

The aim of Player Lifestyle in the Player Plus programme is to establish and maintain balance and well-being in each player as well as address any team dynamics that have been identified. Various forms of support including personal, professional development will be provided to each individual on a needs basis. These needs will be assessed through interaction with the Professional Development Manager (PDM) who will assist with sourcing the necessary referrals as to aid players in need. Players have access to support and counselling in areas such as addiction, substance abuse, depression.


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