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SACA offers a free Premier Virgin Active membership to all members. Premier Virgin Active membership allows a player access to all clubs nationwide, with the exception of the three “Classic Collection” clubs, as well as unlimited access to any Virgin Active clubs in the UK (excl the Cheswick Classic Collection Health Club), Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Botswana and Namibia. 


Contact Simone to receive the application forms for Virgin Active which need to be completed and returned with a copy of your ID. Once the application has been processed, you will receive a mail outlining how to activate your membership.

The free Premier Virgin Active membership is not available to player spouses, however, spouses can join through Momentum Health’s Multiply if they are a member at a discounted monthly fee of 25% (For all gyms except the Classic Collection Clubs).

Upon retirement, past players who were members of Virgin Active at the time of retirement or loss of contract have access to this benefit for up to 12 months after their retirement date. After this period the contract will be terminated and the past player must register for a new membership at their local Virgin Active gym.

You must go to the receptionist at a Virgin Active gym in South Africa and let know that you are going to be travelling internationally. You should request an International Passport from the receptionist which you need to take abroad with you.

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