The South African Cricketers’ Association (SACA) today highlighted that the crises that currently engulf Cricket South Africa (CSA) threaten the very existence of the game in South Africa.

SACA has consistently called for certainty and consistency in the governance and management of the game.  The sudden resignation of both the President and Acting-CEO is clear evidence that cricket in South Africa is at war with itself.

Andrew Breetzke, SACA CEO stated; “Mr Nenzani owes all stakeholders an immediate explanation as to why he has stood down a mere three weeks before the CSA AGM, after he had refused to do so over the previous eight-month period despite calls to do so from key stakeholders within the game.  Together with the sudden resignation of Dr Jacques Faul as acting-CEO, one can only deduce that the Board of Directors has yet again reached a level of dysfunctionality that threatens the existence of the game in our country.”

SACA has engaged directly with players over the past few weeks, and there is a growing realisation amongst players that their careers as professional cricketers are being threatened by the very organization that should be nurturing them.

CSA must show leadership in dealing with the various crises facing the game; the transformation and discrimination crisis that has come to the fore over the past two months; the resumption of domestic and international cricket under COVID-19; the finalization of the disciplinary matter of the suspended CEO; the forensic investigation; and the forecast deficit which has the potential to financially cripple the game. 

“Instead of facing these crises, CSA is embroiled in destructive politics at Board and Management level.  It is evident that cricket is unable to self-correct. With the CSA AGM looming, the reality is that a number of Affiliates have crises of their own, and it is these structures that provide leadership to CSA. Many of the administrative challenges confronting the game are as a result of administrators failing to adhere to principles of corporate governance. Before we see the total collapse of the game of cricket there needs to be a leadership intervention at Board and Management level that is able to stabilize and transform both the game and the business of cricket” added SACA President Omphile Ramela.

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