SACA Despairs at Latest CSA Developments

The South African Cricketers’ Association (SACA) today noted its despair and disbelief at the refusal of the Cricket South Africa (CSA) Members’ Council to recognize and support the interim Board of Directors as proposed by the Ministry of Sport Art and Culture (the Minister).

This decision has placed CSA in direct conflict with the Minister, as evidenced by the formal response from the Minister to the Acting President of CSA. This again raises the possibility of direct intervention on the part of the Minister, which could result in the ICC reviewing the status of CSA as an ICC Member Country. This would have a devastating impact upon cricket in South Africa.

“We are back to square one, and the glimmer of hope has now been replaced by further disappointment and confusion. At a time when our domestic cricketers are excelling, and we are about to welcome England to our shores, the governance structures of CSA are again in crisis,” commented SACA CEO, Andrew Breetzke.

“We have addressed formal correspondence to the Members’ Council advising them of our dismay at their decision, and highlighting their disregard for the welfare of players in passing this decision”

“Self-interest and politics are continuing to triumph over the best interests of cricket, at a time when the game is crying out for stability and certainty. It would appear as if the Members’ Council do not realise the extent of the damage being done to cricket, and sadly we are reaching a point where that damage may be irreparable.”

“We have been in this state of crisis for over 18 months, and the window of opportunity to change direction is closing fast,” concluded Breetzke.

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