SACA Thanks Momentum Group

South African Cricketers’ Association (SACA) today thanked the Momentum Group for their immense contribution to the development and health of South African cricket over the past 8 year period.  The decision of Momentum to exit the game at the end of their current ODI sponsorship agreement is regrettable, but their concerns regarding the governance of cricket are shared by SACA.

Andrew Breetzke, SACA CEO, commented; “I spoke to Carel Bosman (Momentum Group Head of Sponsorship) today, and thanked him on behalf of our members.  Momentum has been committed to our game since 2012, and in addition to sponsoring ODI cricket in South Africa, they pioneered the Pink Day ODI together with CSA – an event that has become a leading event on the South Africa sporting calendar.  We are grateful that Momentum will continue to sponsor the Proteas Women, and look forward to working with them in this regard.

Momentum Health remains an important sponsor of SACA members, and their role in providing players with medical aid cover is critical to the well-being of professional cricketers in South Africa.  We would like to thank them for the great work that they do for players in providing quality health care services.”
“The current economic environment is heavily constrained due to the Covid-19 impact and consequently many businesses are reviewing their partnerships. The sporting community is not immune to this in fact. It is the most affected given the sharp decrease in all round economic activity related to the game. This decrease in activity (amongst other factors) affects the value derived by sponsors from these partnerships. As a result, administrators should take note of this and transform the business models in a way that can bring back the value of these partnerships. Domestic cricket, in particular, which was sponsored by Momentum had already seen a decline in exposure and stadium attendance by fans. It is therefore imperative for cricket administrators to use this crisis to re-invent the business model and institutional practices of the game in such a way that it gives confidence to the sponsors and creates space for value to be derived from cricket”, added Omphile Ramela, SACA President. 

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